Can you do this?

Try this exercise called the Cossack Squat. 


It’ll help open the hips, increase flexibility of the hamstrings, and build strength & stability throughout your body. 


Keep your feet flat on the floor by spreading and gripping the floor through your shoes with your toes. 


Side down and back to one side while attempting to maintain an upright posture. 


Once you’re as low as you can maintain control pause, the shift to the other leg without rising from the bottom position!


Return to the top position and repeat in the opposites direction. 


Perform this as a warm-up to get the blood flowing and increase the temp of your leg muscles or intra-workout a great mobility drill. 


Currently in my program, I’m performing 3 sets of 5 to each side with moderate weight. 


Try this out and lemme know how it goes 


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