Simply scrolling through Instagram for a few minutes and I’m sure you’ll come across a zillion different fitness posts about crazy or cool movements you may or may not have seen before. 


But more times than not, they’re all dumb. 


The basics are basics for a reason. 


They work. 


They get results. 


They’re simple. 


To keep things quick & simple, the movement patterns you should have somewhere in your program are,


1️⃣ – Squat


2️⃣ – Hinge


3️⃣ – Press


4️⃣ – Pull


5️⃣ – Loaded Carry


From here you can spice things up by changing from two legged / arm to single leg / arm movements for the above patterns. 


Then if you’re still looking for variety, change up the grip or angle slightly. 


No point in adding risk to easy movements. It’s not going to change much besides the chance of injury. 


Train smart & keep the end goal in mind. 


P.S. thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 😎

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