Roughly 3,500 Calories

Is what it typically takes to burn about a pound of body weight. 


Which is also essentially true for gaining weight, you need a surplus of 3,500 calories. 


That’s useful to know!



Break this down by 7 (for each day of the week) and you get 500 calories per day. 



If you’re looking to lose weight, look for more foods that’ll fill you up quicker without adding many calories. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


(The two photos in the picture)


1️⃣ – 3 eggs, banana, 2 clementines & a scoop of protein powder w/ water was about 490 calories. 


2️⃣ – 4 servings of dole salad kit plus ~100g of shredded grilled chicken came to about 540 calories. 


Opposite apples for those looking to gain weight. 


Eat & drink things higher in calories like nuts, protein bars & shakes, juices, etc. 



If you’re looking to change your body composition, start small 250 or 300 calorie difference won’t be as difficult or noticeable then after a week or so think about increasing to 500 or more based on your needs. 



Try to put together your own personal “menu” of 5 or so different foods or meals. Having a consistent group of different choices will help eliminate some “cognitive currency” & increase your ability to track your nutrition and make the progress you’re looking for!


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