Self-efficacy is one of the largest predictors of exercise adherence

Self-efficacy or the confidence to perform what’s needed to do in order to hit a specific goal seems to play a large role in being consistent with training and dieting. 

Often times people express interest in change. Then they decide going from exercising 0 days a week to twice a day all 7 days a week.

Or they have no idea how much they’re eating & start tracking every drop and crumb they consume. 

And most of the time they decide to do this on their own without sharing these changes because of fear they will fail and be judged or something. 

Which then results in overloaded expectations, feelings of inadequacy, isolation & embarrassment. 

When in reality you want to start,

1️⃣ – Small: Tiny shift in activity and changes

2️⃣ – Simple: Begin with the easy things

3️⃣ – Support: Find a buddy, coach, family member, someone who understands and can cheer you on!

Keep in mind WHY you wanted this change in the first place. 

Maintain positive thoughts & emotions related to exercise & food!

Track & monitor what you can. Look back at the progress to remind yourself of the success you’re achieving, both big and small!

And share your experience! More people want to support and help you along your journey than you’d imagine. You never know who else might be doing something similar! 

With love from,

Your favorite meatball eating champ!

& coach too!

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