Or just working out? They’re actually different. 



Yeah you can workout with the intent on burning calories to stay in shape. But if you don’t have a specific definition for what your “in shape” is, then you’re not training. (Which is fine! Just exercising to exercise is totally cool. Tons of people do it everyday) 😎😎😎


When and if you decide to stop exercising and want to start “training” you’ll have to define a specific target. 



Could be as simple as wanting to lose 3lbs or adding 20lbs to your bench press. Whatever it may be, you’ll have a clear beginning point and a clear ending point. 



From there you work backwards and plan out your process. That process is your Training Plan or Program. Whatever you want to call it lol



So, are you someone who just exercises to exercise? Or are you training for something specific? Remember, both are cool! 💪😎

Lemme know 👇👇👇👇

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